Justice League will be an event mankind has never seen


So, how awesome was the first Justice League trailer? How many times have you clicked the replay button? We have to admit, Justice League, later this year is gonna be a cinematic achievement. Even the haters gotta admit that the visuals in Justice League look absolutely stunning and even Oscar worthy(kinda). That’s the Zack Snyder Effect. There is no forced marvel like humor in JL. It is supposed to be light way before the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Each character gets equal importance and shines in the Justice League trailer and not showing Superman was a great idea. Most importantly, this still looks like a Zack Snyder movie and doesn’t feel like it changed for the haters.

Here is a few words written by @mmillertechview in twitter on Justice League:-

My 2 cents on JL’s financial success vs GOTG2 and DCEU in general. People know what they are getting with the MCU. It makes the urgency and anticipation to see it a little less.I hear a lot of people want to see GOTG2 but I doubt many will see it opening night. They’ll get around to it, I’ll get around to it but you know what you are getting,its not truly new. DCEU fans know this. MCU fans know this. JL is entirely new. This isn’t DC’s Avengers. This is an event in which mankind has never seen. Legends of the most iconic proportions coming together to tackle a threat that you cannot wrap your head around. Music,visuals,cinematography,acting talent, everything will be firing on all cylinders to produce something that will leave twice the impression BvS did (and we know how big of an impression that was). No one will sit on JL. Haters will go,lovers will go, anyone who loves any of the characters will go, people who want to see girl power with Wonder Woman, people who want to see how this Flash compares to the TV version,Batfans will go, Superman fans who want to see if he’ll come back,Aquaman fans,heck , people who want to see shirtless Mamoa, Black power with Cyborg fans. The most influential, culturally and ethnically diverse superheroes in history making the things of dreams happen on the silver screen. It wont matter how much the haters cry. So much money will be made, Snyder and co will be crying with them,all the way to the bank.

Just reading that paragraph will get you excited for Justice League.asfas

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  1. Chol says:

    Am already hyped up for the movie am a superman fan

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    1. Me too!
      I cant wait to see how he will return in JL!!
      Its gonna be awesome!!

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  2. Dean says:

    Superman may not have been in the trailer…but Lots Lane was…

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  3. John says:

    LOL @ DC Fanboys, constantly making a comparison of sorts to Marvel.

    Get over it, they make better movies.


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