Why WB is the Hero and Not the Villain of DCEU

This article is for the fans by a fan and not for the haters.


2016 has been one hell of a year for DC Fans. The 2nd installment of the Academy award winning DC Extended Universe, BvS is one of the most controversial movies of the decade. For me, the ultimate edition of BvS is a masterpiece and Zack Snyder is a genius who doesn’t deserve the hate he gets for his magnificent films. In August, Suicide Squad was released and it was hated by the critics like the previous installment of the franchise. And yes, Suicide Squad isn’t a brilliant movie but it was ok and fun!. Yes, I know that everyone was blaming the visionary Zack Snyder for this, but we the fans, know that the movies he made (Watchmen, MOS, Bvs etc) are cinematic achievements and he is indeed the best cbm director ever. Many people including some fans are also blaming Warner Bros.(the studio which owns the DC Comics property)  for this. This article will tell you why WB is not to be blamed but thanked.

Yes, I Know that WB cut 30 mins of BvS in the last minute and released 2 and a half version of the movie in theaters. Yes, I know they fast-tracked the Suicide Squad script writing process and yes I know that they called for reshoots for Suicide Squad to add humor because of BvS’ response.



Long back itself, WB started making great Batman and Superman films, the Dark Knight trilogy by Nolan became a massive hit and earned them a lot of dollars. WB wanted the Dark Knight trilogy to start a cinematic universe but Nolan made it very clear that it was gonna be separate films. Then, they decided to build a cinematic universe with Green Lantern which failed like predicted. Then they went back to square 1, which is Batman and Superman films.W.B wanted Nolan to direct a Justice League movie but he was done with comic book films with The Dark Knight rises.With Nolan’s script, they called the genius Zack Snyder to direct the Man of Steel, a movie for the new generation of Superman fans. After Man of Steel, It was Zack Snyder who wanted to build the DC Extended Universe and he was the one who made the slate. Zack Snyder thought big and brought Batman up against Superman in the Man of Steel sequel and introduced Wonder Woman and the metahumans. WB trusted our icon, Zack, and went forward with DCEU. We should thank W.B for still trusting Zack and letting him direct the Justice League movies. Other studios wouldn’t have kept Zack on board after BvS critical reception but WB knows that they had a bad history with freaks dressed like critics and it couldn’t get worse. Yes, they cut 30 mins of BvS because they wouldn’t even make the $850 million if it was a 3 hour movie.

WB had a vision for the DCEU, which is Zack’s vision and when BvS failed critically, they panicked. We all panic right? And this panic led to changing Suicide Squad and I honestly think that the first cut of Suicide Squad wouldn’t make any difference. Another reason for them rushing the projects is look at Marvel, they already have a well established Cinematic universe while DC doesn’t. W.B trusted Zack and that’s why we are getting masterpieces like Man of Steel, BvS and the yet to become masterpiece Justice League. The best thing about W.B is that they trust their directors and doesn’t do as much interfering with their vision as Marvel does.W.B even gave full creative control for James Wan for Aquaman and Matt Reeves for The Batman. If DC was at the hands of Disney, we would have got a lot of similar “fun” & boring films. Now they brought Geoff Johns and Jon Berg at the helm and they made some change to the slate of DC films. This year, we are gonna get Wonder Woman and Justice League which is gonna be mind blowing followed by Aquaman on Christmas next year. Now, let’s thank Warner Bros and Zack Snyder for our amazing DC Extended Universe.

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  1. Greenlight2000 says:

    Holy shit, this is literally the most cringeworthy thing I have ever read.

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    1. I take that as a compliment.

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  2. Chui Marino says:

    Marvel-Disney movies are about explosions, jokes, explosions, jokes, fights against CGI monsters

    And that´s it

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