Fans pay tribute to Zack Snyder through their art

If you don’t know yet, here is the link to the article of the tragedy that happened in Zack’s family. Zack Snyder is my favorite CBM director and he is a visionary. I love his films and even for those who don’t like his films, you must feel bad for him. Because no matter what, at the end of the day, its just a movie. My message to Zack is- Stay strong and we the fans and everyone are here to support and we will watch Justice League in November in honor of Autumn Snyder. Here is a couple of amazing work done by fellow fans-

1- By @(comment if you know who made this)


2- By @BossLogic


3) @MessyPandas


4)Bryan Zap



Here is a message to Zack Snyder from a wonderful fan :

i just want to know that his Man of Steel movie helped stop suicidal thoughts and depression. It gave me hope.
(Whole thread of tweets can be found here

Here are some true words from another fan:

In times like this, you need to realize that films are redundant. It’s just a film, especially compared to what he’s going through. Fuck Justice League, Zack Snyder and his family are far more important. Suicide isn’t an easy thing to experience, I couldn’t imagine dealing with that as a parent, stepping away was the right decision for Zack, Deb and their other kids. Please show some respect guys.

Earlier, Zack Snyder thanked everyone for the amazing support-

Thanks for the outpouring of support. I can’t express how much it means to Debbie & I and Autumn’s mother, Denise, at such a difficult time. To support or seek help, please know there are places such as and that are doing great work.

So, I would like to conclude by saying that “We all are with you Zack”


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