The most Iconic scene in a comic book movie is yet to come in November 

The new Justice League trailer focused heavily on Superman without showing him, smart marketing by WB. “Superman was a beacon to the world. He didn’t just save people. He made them see the best parts of themselves”


​There have been a lot of iconic scenes in comic book movies like First Flight in Man of Steel, lots in The Dark Knight Trilogy like Bale’s ‘I am Batman’ & ‘It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me’, The Batman and Joker confrontation, the Dark Knight ending, Batman’s entrance in The Dark Knight rises and so on. Wonder Woman’s entrance in BatmanvSuperman, The Avengers assembling,  ‘I am Iron Man’ and so on were iconic too. However, the best is yet to come in November’s Justice League as Kal-El will rise.
Geoff Johns teased the best Superman scene of the DCEU in Justice League and its most probably the scene in which he returns.
I loved Zack Snyder’s take on Superman in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

He depicted Superman accurately, he related Superman to us. The First Flight scene where Kal learns to fly is one of the best scenes in a cbm. Christopher Reeves’ Superman is outdated, Warner Bros knows that, Nolan knows that and Zack Snyder knows that. They tried to do that Superman in this modern world with Superman Returns movie and it failed miserably. Superman can’t just come to earth and start saving everyone, that’s not Superman. He will first arrive at our earth, then he will be questioned (they will race behind you) and will be criticized(they will stumble), will be hated ( they will fall) but in time the people of earth will join him in the sun, in time he will help them accomplish wonders.

Zack Snyder is about to complete Superman’s character traits with Justice League. The iconic hero you see in comics will be shown in Justice League. At the end of Batman v Superman, people cried and respected Superman when he died. They love him now and will do in Justice League.



Zack Snyder will make Superman’s resurrection so iconic that fans will cry in theaters. Superman’s return with Jor El’s words in the background ‘In time they will join you in the sun Kal, In time you will help them accomplish wonders’ will be so damn great. I am gonna cry for sure. They have joined him in the sun when the Justice League walks together in the sun with Supes like we saw in the trailer, it’s an Easter egg to the Animated Justice League’s theme. Clark will help them accomplish wonders by defeating Steppenwolf and be the Hero the world needed. I can’t wait to see how he will get resurrected or how he returns. I am excited and curious to know how Clark Kent will be back in the world as he was reported dead by the Daily Planet.

I want Warner Bros to tease Kal’s return with the hashtag #KalElWillRise.

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  1. Crristopher Reeve’s SUPERMAN is the BEST Superman ever seen in Cinema.
    It does not have to do only with C. Reeve being completely UNreplaceable in looks and mannerisms– but it has to do with the fact that the 70’S and 80’s and 90’s ERA’s when Reeve’s Superman reigned were — for many fans, me included– a HEROIC (even if naive) time… which might not return. Yes, it’s nostalgia talking now in my comment… but it’s also still true. There was magic, LOVE, beauty-which-cannot-be-put-in-words in the entire world which surrounded Reeve’s Superman in Reeve’s movies.
    Today’s Superman, Batman and who-ever-Superhero/in movies are full with sarcasm, doubt, darkness, questions, mistrust, no-romanticism… and so on and so forth… –I’m not complaining… I’m just stating this. I enjoy today’s take on these characters… but also know… that what made Reeve’s Superman UNREPLACEABLE and UNREPEATABLE was the magical times Reeve’s Superman flew in.
    Cavill Superman, atleast still, does not even come close to recreating that magic.
    And yes, I know I’m “biased” by my nostalgia when I say this.

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  2. James Barresse says:

    Love the article, thank you. And I agree with everything!!! Zack Snyder’s trilogy is about to be complete and I can’t wait!!

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