‘The Last Jedi’ will be the best and the most unique Star Wars to date

OMG!!! I just saw The Last Jedi’s behind the scenes video and damn wasn’t that emotional?

Mark Hamill was asked why episode 8 will be different from all the other Star Wars films and he said ‘Two words- Rian Johnson’. Rian Johnson is my main reason too to why I am so excited for this. I want this to be as good as Empire Strikes Back and as dark as Revenge of the Sith. Everyone had a lot to praise on what Rian wrote in the script, its shocking and a game-changer for Star Wars according to the cast.

“I want it to be unexpected but real and honest” says writer and director Rian Johnson. Even though its a sequel to 7,it feels like its own thing says Daisy Ridley. Will December hurry up? I cant wait damn it!!


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