A few weeks ago, Taika Waititi said that Thor: Ragnarok will be the shortest MCU movie with around 100 minutes of runtime which is less than 2 hours. The shortest MCU movie so far is Incredible Hulk at 112 minutes. The news ain’t surprising as all Taika Waititi films are very short and all his films are pretty hilarious! His other movies- Hunt for the Wilderpeople has 100 minutes of runtime, What We Do in the Shadows has 90 minutes of runtime, Boy has 90 minutes of runtime & Eagle vs Shark has 93 minutes of runtime etc.

Taika Waititi is a genius and its a blessing to see him join the MCU. I believe this will be very different and way better than the previous 2 Thor movies. I am expecting this one to be unique unlike Guardians Vol 2,Civil War,Doctor Strange etc. A 100 minutes of runtime just makes things better and its great that a director like Taika Waititi is getting the creative control he deserves. Both the trailers were absolutely fantastic and damn its good to see Thor and Hulk together. Hela looks badass and its good to see the MCU finally having bad ass villains like Vulture, Hela(hopefully), Thanos(hopefully)  join the greatness of Loki.

And finally, Thor is a freaking GOD in the MCU!! Thor is THE GOD OF THUNDER!!
Bring it on , Waititi.

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