Hindi Justice League trailer promises awesome hindi dubbed JL movie

Watch the hindi dubbed JL trailer released recently by Warner Bros.India here-

Here are the details on the dubbers-

Dubbing Director – Eliza Lewis

Dubbing Studio – Main Frame Software Communications

“Bruce Wayne / Batman” – Samay Thakkar
“Diana Prince / Wonder Woman” – Malavika Shivpuri
“Barry Allen / Flash” – Ketan Kava
“Victor Stone / Cyborg” – Sanket Mhatre
“Alfred Pennyworth” – Rishabh Shukla
“James Gordon” – Lalit Agarwal
“TV News Reporter” – Vinod Sharma

Shanoor Mirza voiced Superman in BvS and he will voice for Superman in Justice League too.

Steppenwolf’s hindi voice sounds badass and freaking awesome. I loved Bruce’ and Barry’s voice in the trailer as well. Finally, WB is recognizing India’s importance in the movie industry. Justice League will have a Hindi, Tamil and Telugu dubbed version which means more box office $$$ for Warner Bros.

There is a reason why Marvel is way ahead of DC in India, this is because all MCU films are released in Indian languages while Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman wasn’t released in Hindi which resulted in many Indians not watching them. WB is finally playing smart in India.


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